Monday, August 1, 2011

Teacher Supplies in Our Totebags

Our very last closing ceremony is scheduled for September 1st at the Rusestii Noi schools. I made 51 totebags with various designs on them and filled them with teacher supplies like paper, chalk, erasers, rulers, pencils, markers, scissors, etc. The teachers here have to furnish all their own supplies at their own expense and they make so little money that they will be very blessed to get these supplies.
Once again my sewing machine went on a funk just as I was finishing up the embroidery. And once again Hripseme came through as my hero and finished up the bags. She did a terrific job. She has a little business in her home and this job helped her to afford to go home to Armenia to see her mother.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The July 5 Flood Food Delivery

We were able to provide lots of food for the 68 people still living in the temporary housing. We also gave them some great clothing and shoes and boots that was donated to us. After that we visited with Polina who we had given a wheelchair. The mother of the man we gave medicine to two weeks ago got overwhelmed with gratitude and cried as she hugged us.

All 68 people should be moved into their new homes by the end of July. We hope to provide them with beds and bedding once they are in their homes.

Sister Kitchen and the Elders helping to measure out the fresh produce.

Dora, in the red shirt, is our main contact in the building. She was pregnant when the flood happened and gave birth to her 3rd little girl in the dormatory building.

Hasmik and Eugene are Chisinau single young adults that came to help. Eugene just put in his mission papers.

The children loved to have their photos taken. Each time we came back to bring food I would give them copies of the photos from the previous visit. Very popular way to remember this time.

Several members of the Chisinau Branch and some members in the U.S. gave me clothing to give to them. They loved all it!

Dora got this jacket that I think came from Lilia's father who recently passed away.

These are slippers that fit perfectly!

Darling boots.

I am wearing the top that Polina (in wheel chair) gave me. We are celebrating the wheelchair we gave Polina and the blanket that was made by Relief Society sisters in PennYann NewYork.

Hasmik gets a hug from the grateful mama that we gave medicine to her son and he is getting better.

I love the hugs!

I am collecting hugs!

Relief Society Making Blankets for Orphans & Flood Victims

Hasmik is cutting

Ryli and I are cutting

Susan is cutting sections from the bolts of fleece

Valentina is cutting and tieing

Nella sewing 2 layers of fleece together.

This fleece raffeled so much it took 3 ladies to figure out how to sew it.

I'm cutting the strips for tieing

Hasmik cutting too

Kesli brought her machine and is sewing like crazy.

Here is one of the finished double fleece blankets finished. The boys will love it!!

Here are just a few of the finished blankets and quilts that have been sent to us and the ones made by the Chisinau Relief Society. I think we have enough to help the flood victims that are getting a bed from us. We'll even have enough to help some orphans in Telenesti.

It's Just Moldova in July

Katea and Anna in the Sunflowers

This is in front of the Slobozia Mare mayors office. There were more wagons and donkeys on the road than there were cars. This wagon has a horse and pony in training.

Elope comes to mind.

Funeral procession passed us while we were parked. The open casket was in a commerical open bed truck. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough.

The men in our apartment building play cards under the tree each night.

We love sitting out at Green Hills restaurant and watching the people on Stephan Cel Mare.

This truck has been here so long it is beginning to sprout roots!

Tom spending time with Keesha.

Elder Whiting and Elder Anderson stop by to pick up the car and to harrass us a bit.

Can you believe this Caddilac??
The wedding ceremonies at the government offices are scheduled every 30 minutes. Then the couples get into incredibly long limo's and drive all over town honking horns and stopping to take elaborate photos. It is normal to see 7 or 10 limo's cruising Stephan Cel Mare in an afternoon while eating lunch at Green Hills.

There are flower shops everywhere. Really. Everywhere!

OK, so this didn't happen in Moldova but a whole lot of other senior moments did!

Political activists posting their candidate of choice from their apartment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I can make placenta's now!

Georghie, Vova, and Tom went bowling so we could have the kitchen to ourselves.

Katea showed me how to make the crust batter. Kind of a cross between making bread dough and pie crust

Doina and I dived into her mom's homemade sheep cheese. I ate so much of it I had to Baaaaa when I went to talk. It was delicious!!!
We made up 25 crusts.

First Katea then Nina showed me how to stretch out the dough on cheesecloth, put the filling in, and roll it all up.

I wasn't very good at stretching it out. I need lots more practice.

Rolled up and ready for the oven.

Here are the cheese placenta's coming out of the oven. MMMMM!

Nina grated cabbage and added fried onion, salt, pepper.

Doina taught me how to make the round placenta's on top of the stove. Much easier!

We were so busy eating them all that I completely forgot to get photos of the beautiful placenta's. Ugh! We also made cherry placenta's and ate them hot with vanilla ice cream. Really yummy! Here we're just chillin after eating.

Doina is ever the fashionista with her hat. Anna is 3.5 mo old.

Aunt Doina and Anna

Dorin loves little Anna

Then everyone went home full and exhausted! I can not wait to get home and make placenta's for all the kids and grandkids. Thank you Katea, Doina, Nina, and Dorina for teaching me!!